Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Theory of the Soul

Mighty Creature,
Tiny Chemical Processors,
With Unlimited Powers,
Working Together
To Clean Up
The Messed of Man

juz like a woman...huhu
but woman are more powerful,they are 'reactive substance' to me
me which is a 'GUY' in my 'DNA FINGERPRINTING' card,like ID card..

but these creature is very2 small,
til i can't see with my naked eyes (plus my glasses also [-430])
so dat do the 'GRAM STAIN' juz to be able to know their 'charge' +ve or -ve, remain PURPLE or chance to PINK in colour..
dats only after 10 times 100x of microscopic by 'OIL IMMERSION' helps

it justificallly can't be compare to da heart of mine...
when SHE 'rejecteed' me at dat night...
still i remember dat 1.30 a.m in the morning of 17 Ramadhan
with juz a 'simple' telephone message, she leave me here nothing at all
however,still 'ok' coz dats is malam NUZUL QURAN...

2 b c...

part 2

my 'holy intention' is/are/was (aku pun xtau lah,dh pening kepala ni) juz ignored by her INSTINCT which turn off the REALITY..
her beautiful mind no more tally to my relevent thinkering

feel solitary again and again..like thermous aquaticus dat live in deep sea...very deep,no light,very silent..

she become no more who i recognize herself b4..unpredictable..dangerous like ebola or nipah virus in BSL-4 laboratory standard procedure...
she is stranger,new person...such as 99% others m/o that haven't found yet in dis colourful world with unthinkable application maybe...
nobel bacteria..
but thats not her fault,totally not for sure...
not also the fault of anthrax spp. in the letter...
maybe someone else,something else..
juz beware of THEM!!

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